Big Franchise Brand vs small LOCAL Brand

An obvious choice if you are a real estate agent looking to join an office right? Not these days.

Here Is Why:

The business landscape is changing with all of the new real estate business models. What worked 10 or 20 years ago may not work so well, or at all, today. New and Existing real estate companies are constantly challenging the industry with many disruptive new real estate models being launched. As an estate agent, you need to ask yourself: “what makes the real estate agency I want to join unique and sets itself apart from its competitors? Do I share their vision? Do I want to join an agency with a traditional or a completely different business model?”.

The internet is a great equalizer. Small and big real estate franchises now compete with each other on the same property portals, social media channels and in many cases, the same back-end software. The tools are there for everyone. A tech-savvy agent joining an agency who has outdated systems or don’t know what a tweet is, will feel frustrated soon. Since most of your leads will probably come from the internet, you should have a careful look at the systems the agency provides and on which portals they advertise. Also, have a look at the quality of their listings, do they portray a professional online image you can associate yourself with?

Working Local In A Global Marketplace™

Franchise real estate brands are expanding worldwide at a rapid pace. With this, brand exposure comes in numbers, with a lot of real estate companies focusing on their office and agent numbers. You reap from years of investment of refined business models and large national investments in marketing. On the other hand, there are a lot of boutique independent agencies who do really well in their local Cities & Towns: there is the personal touch of (in many cases) a family owned business and a stamp of local authority that promises more personal one-on-one service with clients. Business is not regional anymore, but real estate is local.

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